‘Girls Lie’ Scores With GameLink’s Simultaneous Release

SAN FRANCISCO — Online retailer and video-on-demand provider GameLink.com’s offering of Eon McKai’s “Girls Lie” on DVD as well as video-on-demand through their Simultaneous Release Program has proved successful.

“We’ve seen DVD sales go up as much as 75 to 100 percent when we offer it on both formats and market it as such,” GameLink’s Business Development Manager Jeff Dillon told XBIZ.

According to Dillon, the Simultaneous Release program offers DVD content producers a chance to reach online customers that prefer to download movies online, without compromising the retail price of DVD product or threatening to cut into DVD sales. Titles offered under the program are marketed at approximately the same price in either VOD or DVD format.

“We’ve seen DVD sales go up as much as 75 to 100 percent when we offer it on both formats and market it as such,” Dillon told XBIZ.

“A premium studio can command more money for that product,” Dillon said. “All products are not created equally, so not all products should be treated equal. There should be a different value accessed depending on the production quality and the brand recognition of that studio. This is a way to protect your DVD sales as well as offer VOD to the online customer.”

Titles with recognizable branding and high production values do particularly well when cross-marketed to online customers who may want to sample a release via VOD before deciding to purchase hard product.

“Especially with stuff like Eon McKai’s which is collector’s material; customers might watch it on the computer and say, ‘Hey, that’s a really hot movie — I want to add this to my collection and be take it home to watch on my 64-inch plasma,’” Dillon said.

“Girls Lie” is the directorial debut for Vivid-Alt founder Eon McKai and stars Dana Dearmond, Charlotte Stokely, Pixie Pearl and Riley Mason.

“GameLink has done a tremendous job aggressively promoting and selling the VOD titles we have given to them as exclusives. We have even seen an increase in the DVD sales on those titles as well. We are very excited about offering Girls Lie, our best-selling Vivid-Alt title, to GameLink for VOD,” Vivid’s Dave Peskin said.

Other titles that are offered exclusively under the Simultaneous Release Program include “Jules Jordan’s Ass Worship” series, “Girlvana 3” from Zero Tolerance, “Jack’s Big Ass Road Show 6” from Digital Playground, as well as several titles from Tera Patrick’s Teravision.

Eon McKai's "Girls Lie" is available on GameLink.com for $29.95 on DVD and $21.95 in streaming format.