New Release: Sexual Arts Academy

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The martial arts have played a significant role in the development of Japanese culture for thousands of years. Tradition is honored and respected; but as society changes, so must the rigid rules that govern the martial arts.

Third World Media and Katana have discovered a little known place in a quiet corner of Japan, where tradition meets modern day hedonism. This hideaway is called The Sexual Arts Academy. It is here that the martial arts intertwine with the Sexual Arts. This pleasant combination provides us with our Japanese word of the day- "Indou"= Sexual Arts.

Academy spokeswoman Shouko swings around on the academy's outdoor jungle gym as she introduces Aikido instructor Rie Yamaguchi. In Shouko's words, there is no one stronger than this big tit sensei. She turns today's lesson into a private ass-kicking session on her slightly older male student, who accepts defeat and confesses his dying love for her. In payback for the ass kicking he was made to endure, he mounts her up bareback and teaches the teacher a thing or two.

Cover girl Miyuki is practicing kendo with her Sensei on the Academy's expansive outdoor grasslands. He is very strict with her and insists that she follow his every command if she desires to succeed in kendo.

"Kendo is all about how you treat the stick," he explains. She understands what he means and quickly gets busy. She is a dedicated student and follows his orders all the way to the end.

Shouko comes back to introduce Yuzuru, a newer student attending the academy who is studying judo but apparently enjoys the sexual side of her training more than the martial arts side. Her sensei is very strict and runs her through a series of intense squats and deep knee bends — which coincidentally expose her sexy underwear. Her stone-faced Sensei orders her to remove them and continue to practice. He teaches her some new moves.

Shouko, saying that she is the strongest fighter at the Academy, chooses another strong candidate at the Academy to go a round with: Banzai Boy, the Green Superhero. Banzai Boy uses scissors to cut off her clothes before she commandeers the scissors and cuts his crotch area open. They take it from there.

Street date for "Sexual Arts Academy" is Sept. 10.

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