Lucas Entertainment Releases ‘The Intern’ Friday

NEW YORK — Gay production company Lucas Entertainment has shipped its latest release “The Intern,” starring Ben Andrews, to retailers for release today. Suggested retail on the DVD is $69.95, but a director’s edition is available exclusively on the Lucas Entertainment website for $59.95.

“I believe the film itself came out so well that I've now designated it our film of the year,” Lucas Entertainment President and CEO Michael Lucas said. “As a comedy, it is a complete 180 in tone and style from our Best Picture winners ‘Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita’ and ‘Dangerous Liaisons.’ “I have a strong need to always do something completely different and new. And this time, it’s about spoofing the industry and hopefully making everyone laugh. I hope we raised the bar in another genre of porn,” he said.

The movie is a parody on life at a gay adult production company, Trojan Studios. Andrews plays the newly hired intern “Ugly Benny.” When Lucas, as the Botox-injecting company owner, decides he needs to find a new star with a huge penis to boost sales, Benny’s co-workers discover that he has talents beyond making coffee and running to the drugstore to get more lube for the set.

The director’s edition comes with extra features and content including bonus audio commentary from Lucas, writer/director Tony Dimarco and Lucas Entertainment publicity director Bryan Christopher, as well as cast interviews.

An official movie blog, written by Mike Kashey, also is included as an extra, as well as an interactive script in which viewers can click links to portions they are reading to view video clips of that scene.

Several bonus scenes come in the director’s edition, including an explicit watersports scene between Lucas and performer Zack Randall.

Three hidden “Easter eggs” have been added to the video, for viewers to hunt down and open, containing more surprise footage.

Model bios, trailers and photo galleries also are featured.

“This isn't your average porn DVD,” Dimarco said. “I really wanted the extras to be as fun as the movie itself. Mainstream movies have amazing extras ... why can't porn movies? I think anyone who discovers the three Easter eggs will be pleasantly surprised about what they are. Where they are exactly, however, is up to them to find.

“It was really one time when things just fell into place and I couldn’t have planned it — it just all came together. And when that happens, you know it’s going to be something that’s very good. It was a dream project,” Dimarco said.