Streams Ultimate Surrender Live

SAN FRANCISCO — Following a summer-long tournament called Summer Vengeance, will present a live semi-final match tonight on its all-girl wrestling site, Members can chat with the two wrestlers, Vendetta and Darling, starting at 4 p.m. PDT, and the match is scheduled for 5 p.m.

Broadcast in a streaming, hi-definition format, members also can interact with the wrestlers throughout the show.

“We’ve created an interface where they can type in what they want to say and that gets generated into a voice that the participants can hear,” Marketing Manager John Sander told XBIZ.

Also interacting with viewers, two announcers will comment on the match as it happens as well as chat, via keyboard, with members. director Matt Williams will referee and keep score.

Following a traditional format of three eight-minute rounds, the match will be followed by a special “sex” match, in which the loser will be required to have sex with the winner of the match.

Currently ranked in 5th place, Darling will go up against the No.1-ranked Vendetta. Williams, who has worked with both wrestlers throughout the tournament said that the level of intensity is likely to get extreme.

“I think Vendetta, during most of her matches, gives 90 percent. It’s going to be a little scary when she gives 110%. Hopefully, it’s going to be controlled chaos,” Williams said.

Sander said that there has been good response to the wrestling niche from’s members.

“The site is really taking off and we’ve added tag team matches, though the match tonight is one-on-one,” Sander said.

“It’s great. It’s one of our fastest growing products, especially now with the live broadcasting in hi-definition which very companies are doing,” he said. “We’re having an incredible response.”

Tonight’s broadcast will be followed up with two more live matches on the next two following Tuesdays. Next week’s semi-final will feature Isis Love and Syd Blakovitch. The match scheduled for Sept. 4 will be the series championship.