VCX Offers Classics on DivX Download-to-Own

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Classic-film company VCX has announced the availability of almost 100 Golden Era adult films in DivX’s new download-to-own format. Videos available for download include "A Dirty Western," "Candy Goes to Hollywood," the 1978 "Debbie Does Dallas," "Sex World" and "High School Memories."

"We have been live with DivX for a couple of years, but the popularity had been dwindling because windows Media Player had been taking over that space," VCX President David Sutton told XBIZ. "DivX takes a little longer to download because it's higher quality. This is the only download that I'm aware of, aside from Flash, that will play on a Mac computer. That's going to open up 7 percent of the market that we never really were able to serve before. We can get this stuff out to places we've never been in the past."

VCX will continue to offer a limited number of its titles in the standard 15-day DivX download as well as the new Download-to-Own option. The software is compatible with the operating systems for both the Mac and PC platforms.

“We used to worry that the download and streaming of our titles would dilute the market for our DVDs. But it’s been shown time and time again by companies that handle both classic and new release titles that we are dealing with two completely disparate groups of customers,” Sutton sad. “There are customers who buy a DVD from a store or the Internet, and those prefer the instant gratification of streaming their content. On our own site,, we saw no reduction in DVD sales when we rolled out the Download-to-Own option.”

For more information, visit the VCX website.