Worlds Best Thumbs Site Launches Redesign

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — 100 Guilder Productions has announced the redesign and launch of its flagship thumbnail gallery post website The new site is cleaner, simpler and easier to navigate, according to the company, and features more gallery links per page.

The TGP site also includes the site owner's blog and fully integrates the company's sister site, all-adult tag cloud site

"Our new site is greatly improved in every measurable way, plus we've included innovations not seen anywhere else," 100 Guilder Productions manager Richard Victor said.

"First it prominently features the site owner's blog, adding the personality and interest of the people behind the website. Plus we've also fully incorporated our tag cloud site,, where advertisers and website owners or their affiliates can reserve text link spots which link to any URL they specify."

Advertisers can buy the keyword that most relates to their site, optionally enhance the text by changing the font size and color, and have mouse-over text hover above their keyword allowing for a customized message. Advertisers also may suggest their own keyword.

"By incorporating into, we have greatly expanded visibility for our advertisers," Victor said. "The tag cloud just looks so different, so unexpected. How can anyone resist taking a look? Surfers see a keyword that interests them, click to see what it's about, and will go to the URL, including affiliate IDs, belonging to whomever bought that tag."