Dennis Black Magic Retires

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Belgian adult movie director Dennis Black Magic has announced his retirement after 12 years in the adult entertainment industry. He started in the business as a publisher and marketing consultant and then formed Black Magic Media Group in 2000.

Dennis Black Magic’s first adult feature was “Cover Story in Belgium” and he went on to make “Big House Being” starring an ex “Big Brother” castmate. Dennis Black Magic is best known for directing “54: The Legend” in 2003 featuring a live performance from acid house band Lords of Acid.

“After 12 years being active in the adult industry, it’s now the right time for me to leave the sector as a director and to stop my label as well,” Dennis Black Magic said. “I have seen some facts the last years in this industry and I can say that the ‘golden years’ of the porn world are totally over.”

Dennis Black Magic attributes his retirement to disillusionment with the adult industry. He cites the overload of “cheap stuff” on the Internet and the formation of many new studios with what he said is inferior content.

Famous in his home country, Dennis Black Magic was the subject of a documentary TV series and the subject of a biography, “The Belgian Porn King,” written by Bob Van Laerhoven.

With roots in mainstream marketing and advertising in the Belgian market, Dennis Black Magic plans to start a new venture.

“I have no comments further at this moment,” Dennis Black Magic said. “[I] also [have] no details about the new mainstream advertising company that will be started soon. I wish with all my heart all the good labels, directors, producers and performers all the best. Also I would like to thank many people for the positive feedback; my respect goes to you all.”