MaleFlixxx Premieres ‘Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita’

NEW YORK — Gay online distributor Maleflixxx and Lucas Entertainment announced today that “Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita” will premiere on the Maleflixxx video-on-demand global network. The movie will be serialized into 10 scenes, with a new scene airing each Saturday from September through October.

“I know that our webmasters are going to go nuts,” MaleFlixxx’s product marketing manager Mary Gillis said. “’Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita’ is by far and away the biggest release of the last year. It won all the awards and it took everybody’s attention. Not only that, but it’s a brilliant movie. He really sort of crossed over and put some mainstream and adult in the same movie.”

Beginning on Sept. 1, the serialized episodes will stream in a pay-per-view format. As the series builds, end users will be able to view multiple scenes. At the end of 10 weeks, viewers can then access the entire movie along with bonus scenes. Extra behind-the-scenes footage includes the film’s opening “fashion show” sequence.

“2007 has been a banner year for both Lucas Entertainment and Maleflixxx,” President of Sureflix Digital Distribution Eric Johnson said. Sureflix operates the Maleflixxx network.

“Both companies have reached major milestones in their growth, together and individually. We are very pleased to announce this Internext exclusive release as a solidification of the partnership between our two companies,” Johnson said.

Recently, Maleflixxx also launched’s new VOD theatre at

“It finally went perfectly live two weeks ago,” Gillis said, “and it’s was just a matter of back and forth tweaks for it to be absolutely perfect — because it’s Michael.”