Third World Media Delivers 'False Advertising'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Third World Media puts out the warning to let the buyer beware with the launch of "False Advertising," the latest addition to its transsexual lineup.

Third World Media's commitment to casting only the most feminine never-seen-before trannies, according to the company, carries on to the first volume of "False Advertising," scheduled to hit store shelves on Aug. 13, with its lineup of Brazilian shemales Bianca Feire, Gleice Kelly, Susy Gleyce and Vanessa Araujo.

Ed Hunter, veteran director of the company's "Shemale Samba Mania" series, said, "There are a lot of companies that jumped on the tranny bandwagon in the last few years, but it's easy to see when the titles are shot just to make a quick buck as opposed to when the guy behind the lens is really into it. Directors in adult should shoot what they love. I know this is true of myself and the other directors who shoot for Third World Media."

The continual quest to bring consumers the best the globe has to offer in adult video is what drives Third World Media, President Steve Scott said.

"We produce titles in South America, Asia and Europe for the guys at home who want to see girls and trannies who are truly ethnic," Scott said. "They want girls who aren't just the Asian-American or Latin girl down the street — they want to see girls from Japan or Brazil or Europe. When we started 10 years ago a lot of people thought we were nuts, but we've continually proven that there's a strong market for our unique niches."

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