Adult Store Channel Brings Digital Signage to Adult Retailers

LOS ANGELES — ODBN Inc., the parent company of Adult Store Channel, has brought digital advertising to 96 adult stores around the country and provided almost 300 screens to adult manufacturers.

ODBN founder Steve Fecske told XBIZ that he created Adult Store Channel as a network between adult retailers, distributors and manufacturers, something he said the industry lacked but was in great need of.

"Adult companies never really have been able to talk to consumers," Fecske said. "They never really had great branding capabilities because there were very few vehicles out there. This is a chance to hit up about 2 million shoppers a month."

Fecske said Adult Store Channel does everything from installing screens to producing ads appropriate for digital purposes. Companies even can send existing video advertisements to him to be adapted for his screens.

"Every blink of the eye has to send a message," Fecske said. "There's no beginning, middle and end; [the screens] give the message every second."

Fecske also said the company offers touch-screen kiosks for use in retail stores, allowing clerks to look up product information, as well as offering a database of available products and advertisements organized according to manufacturer.

Adult Store Channel has created a backend system for its kiosks, Fecske said, so storeowners can see ads that have not yet been ordered nd view them ahead of time to make sure the content is appropriate for customers.

"That's the bigger picture," Fecske said. "I want to create a database of products, like a catalog that they can go through to pick and choose what they want. The ads can be pushed to their screens according to what they buy."

Fecske also said that instructional videos, such as "Vibe 101" recently release by adult toy manufacturer CalExotics, also can be played on Adult Store Channel's screens as educational tools for new staff.

Fecske said CalExotics, Topco, 3rd Degree Films, New Beginnings and VC Distributors are some of the adult companies that have signed up for digital signage through Adult Store Channel.

The company's touch-screen kiosks and digital screens have been tested in VC Distributors' 13 adult stores, and VC President Robert Costa said it has been great success.

“We are selling products that never sold before, and those products that always sold well, like Vivid [Video], are actually selling even more,” Costa said.

He estimated that sales of related products increased more than 25 percent between 2005 and 2006.

"There are gaps in the adult retail business that you don't see in the mainstream business," Fecske said. "Distributors are not communicating sales, not all stores are tracking sales, and you have situations where manufacturers have no clue where their product is. By putting these screens in, it's also pulled everyone together. There's a reason now for everyone to be talking together — it's about me helping you sell that product."

Stores in 18 states and 56 cities currently are playing the Adult Store Channel, Fecske added.