New Virtual Reality Viewer Gives 360-Degree Views

Tod Hunter
BRISTOL, England — Interactive media technology developer closeupVR has developed a new 360-degree Virtual Reality viewer. Called CU360°, the viewer can present interactive 360-degree scenes, has on-demand zoom and also can present picture sets of high resolution images without downloading the entire picture.

closeupVR is looking to partner with an established player in the adult industry or investors to develop a range of niche sites based on the CU360° technology and to further develop the CU360° viewer.

"We're looking to do something different, to innovate. And this is only the beginning," closeupVR marketing executive Nick Cruise said. "We have plans to develop the concept very much further over the next few years.

"The adult industry has a large number of sites with picture libraries and movies. We want to do something different: The ability to turn her around with your mouse and then to zoom in to a really big picture, but still within the same interface. You can pretty much get to see more than her boyfriend does."

A new website,, offers the CU360° technology with the erotic photography of Rick Michael in a paysite and affiliate program. Website guests are able to sample the CU360° viewer to rotate model Klara and zoom in, on demand, to extreme-close-up detail. Uncensored access to "All About Klara" is available for a onetime charge of $29.95. Promotional banners are available, and webmasters get 50 percent per signup.

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