Falcon Introduces New Toys

LOS ANGELES — San Francisco-based Falcon Entertainment has introduce three new products to their SuperCocks line, unveiled at this week’s Adult Novelty Expo, held in Los Angeles. The dildos are realistically molded from Falcon Studio performers Cort Donovan, Erik Rhodes and Jason Adonis.

“The three additional SuperCocks bring the line to 17 and it’s the biggest line of realistics of any of the manufacturers,” Pulse Distribution’s Ted Levine told XBIZ. Pulse Distribution is the exclusive distributor of the FalconGear line of adult novelties. “It’s extremely popular, not only with gay men, but bi men and straight women. Straight women love this when the really want to have a realistic dildo experience. They are harness compatible, so couples enjoy them, as well.”

“We are probably going to be expanding the line to include new ethnicities, to bring in Latino, black and maybe Asian,” Levine said. “But as the guys are incorporated into the films, Falcon will be introducing more SuperCocks into the line. Because that’s the part of the line that isn’t going to get replicated by other manufacturers, so that’s a staple that will continue to grow strongly and helps keep the line unique.”

The SuperCocks are harness-compatible with a phalange base that also serves as a suction cup. Levine also pointed out the hygienic standards of the Falcon line.

“They continue to support the high density, PVC polymer latex that when cured that actually produces because it’s high density — a piece that has the latex suppleness but also doesn’t absorb bacteria,” he said. “When it’s cleaned, there’s no residue because it’s not porous. Hygienically, it’s a very strong-selling product.”

FalconGear also recently revamped the line’s packaging to a sleek all-black look with imagery of the models on the back of the box. Levine noted that the redesign has increased the cross-marketing possibilities of FalconGear products.

“But because the packaging is very simple and clean it functions well in both gay and straight stores. It is recognizable as a gay product and the models they are molded from are from gay films; they still play well because of the simplicity of the packaging with appeals to both markets,” Levine said.

The new products will be available for shipping near the end of August.