2nd Quarter Sales, New Customers Up

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — Adult retailer Adam & Eve's website has announced another record-breaking quarter in sales and new customer acquisition, after a record-breaking first quarter.

" saw revenues increase 47 percent for the second quarter over 2006 figures, and increases of 59 percent for year-to-date," Director of Internet Marketing Jennifer Alberry said. "In addition, new customer acquisition has gone up 51 percent for second quarter over 2006 figures, and up 69 percent compared to 2006 overall."

Adam & Eve has filled orders for more than 10 million customers since it was established in 1970.

"We're constantly doing little tweaks to improve the website, based on customer feedback," Adam & Eve Director of Public Relations Katy Zvolerin told XBIZ. "The 'Good-Better-Best' option, where we evaluate products for customers, is working well. And best of all, we are able to get new product up on the website almost immediately, as soon as it comes to market. The paper catalog traditionally takes three months in production. With the website, it's a lot quicker."

"People have learned that there are various ways they can get their adult products, and Adam & Eve intends to be their source for selection, quality and ease of delivery," Alberry said.

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