Stormy Daniels Signs Greeting Card Deal

LOS ANGELES — Wicked Pictures contract star Stormy Daniels has teamed up with Comstock Cards to spearhead its Naughty Nudes line of adult novelty greeting cards. Daniels’ likeness along with a personalized message will appear on the series of sexy cards available at retail stores nationwide.

Cindy Thomas, Comstock Cards sales and promotions manager, said that the images on adult greeting cards has grown stale and outdated. Daniels represents a fresh face and provides a new direction.

“For years, the greeting card market has had one or two companies that have done a great job featuring hot men and women on greeting cards,” Thomas said. “However, in the past five years, those companies have failed to provide fresh faces and concepts. Naughty Nudes saw that need. We wanted to feature fresh ideas and faces in our new products, and we feel we have accomplished that goal with our collaboration with Ms. Daniels.”

Thomas contacted Daniels’ publicist Mike Moz and the deal was completed in 24 hours.

Daniels has been intimately involved with her cards’ creation from the image selection to final approval on the concepts. The Wicked Pictures performer-writer-director even provided personalized greetings and signatures for each of her cards.

All Naughty Nudes cards are printed on a high-quality, gloss-coated cover stock with an aqueous coating finish. Thomas said that Daniels would work closely with Comstock Cards to create new products for the holiday season and Valentine’s Day.