‘Pretty Little Asians’ Hits 50th Volume

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Third World Media, in association with Asian Eyes Pictures’ long-running series “Pretty Little Asians,” has reached a milestone release. The 50th volume in the series, which features an all-Japanese cast shot in Japan, releases July 16.

Featuring a cast of girls who have never before shot for a U.S. production, “Pretty Little Asians 50” stars box-cover girl Aya Hasegawa, Megumi Kato, Sara Mitsuki and Tsubasa Shibasaki.

“Pretty Little Asians” was one of Third World Media/Asian Eyes Pictures’ first lines when the company formed in 1999. According to company president Steve Scott, the series is Third World’s flagship, and its 50th installment is a testament to the franchise’s popularity among fans of Asian women.

“Volume 50 is a milestone — it demonstrates that there is a viable market for authentic Japanese hardcore product and that Third World Media has persevered for close to a decade focused on lines like ‘Pretty Little Asians’ for fans of Asian women,” Scott said.

Third World Media primarily shoots in Asian countries like Japan, China, Thailand and Hong Kong, but also shoots in Brazil and Europe.

Originally founded in 1999 as Asian Eyes Pictures, Third World Media has released 200-plus Asian and Latin titles.