eXtreme Restraints Site Launches New Stock Settings

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Online adult toy retailer eXtreme Restraints has said that like all retail operations, eXtreme Restraints can’t always get enough product to supply all of its customers.

To combat this, eXtreme Restraints now has three different stock settings for their products. If new stock is on its way and soon, eXtreme will tell customers when it’s coming. If the near future looks bleak, they’ll give the usual “Out of Stock." If everything is a-OK, there will be a reassuring “In Stock,” so customers know their orders will be on time.

"All of this is to give the customer greater peace of mind," a company representative said. "Another great feature that eXtremeRestraints.com is adding to give customers greater peace of mind is the extreme close-up. By using “click to enlarge,” customers can get a really good look at what they’re buying. That counts for a lot when you’re buying online, because try as you might, online return is always a hassle."

Parties interested in promoting the refined retail environment at eXtremeRestraints.com can sign up here.