PornDollar Releases SigTrack

Gretchen Gallen
WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. – Affiliate program unveiled its new banner tracker this week to the webmaster community called SigTrack, a new program that counts banner impressions through a simple interface.

According to Jason of PornDollar, SigTrack operates on PornDollar bandwidth and counts views on unique Internet Protocol addresses based on the last 30 minutes of banner activity. The new tracking system also supports four different banner pixel sizes: 600, 468, 120, and 240.

Jason announced the launch of SigTrack on the boards on Wednesday to a large and welcoming reception of webmasters, many of whom had relied on SigMonkey, an HTML counter, to deliver the same kind of information. But according to Jason, SigMonkey launched out of the blue and then disappeared mysteriously, much to the surprise of webmasters who found the system useful in their business practices.

"A lot of people got burned by SigMonkey, but my whole thing is that SigTrack comes from a reliable company," Jason told XBiz. "People already know we're pretty honest and we give an accurate count every time. I saw an opportunity to really do something that the webmasters would like and at the same time create a branding opportunity for the PornDollar program."

Jason started PornDollar in 2002 as an amateur hardcore reality affiliate program after running paysites since 1999. The programmer who developed SigTrack is, according to Jason, one of the top-notch programmers in the industry.

"It's a really accurate and very reliable system," Jason said. "It provides an image that literally changes on the fly, reflecting banner activity."

Only two days after the launch of SigTrack, Jason says he has tracked thousands of impressions.

"As an advertiser I spend thousands per month buying banner space and getting the news out there," Jason said. "When you have a webmaster who can nail down what their money value is, this tool actually can count the exact number of raw banner impressions you are getting, so I will know what it is costing me per thousand impressions."