2021 TEAs Brings Together Worldwide Community With a Focus on Fun

2021 TEAs Brings Together Worldwide Community With a Focus on Fun

LOS ANGELES — The 2021 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEAs), sponsored by Pornhub, unspooled Sunday night during a virtual ceremony for the second consecutive year. Domino Presley, elegantly attired in a sparkly silver gown with a plunging neckline and white feathery boa, took the stage to introduce a starry array of presenters and winners with her customary wry humor.

Daisy Taylor and Casey Kisses each took home a leading three honors, followed by Dante Colle and Emma Rose with two apiece.

Presley was also among the night's winners when she was crowned "Best Internet Personality." Her pre-taped acceptance "speech," as it were, depicted the fashion plate popping up from behind a dumpster and dashing across a parking lot to receive her laurel.

The 2020 TEAs, also hosted by Presley, were the first industry awards show last year to pivot to an online presentation in the wake of the pandemic lockdowns.

One year later, with the ceremony now hosted on Pornhub's high-profile platform, and with a pre-show on Discord emceed by TEAs Executive Producer Kristel Penn, many of the evening's presenters and winners noted their disbelief over the ongoing lockdowns and expressed a fervent wish to gather and celebrate in person soon.

2021 TEAs Moon, Kisses, Mars, Moan

(L-R): Lena Moon, Casey Kisses, Natalie Mars, Naomi Moan

Filmmaker Adam Christopher presented the first award of the evening, "Best DVD," to "Tranimals" from Evil Angel and director Lena Moon; the spectacularly filthy title is also the 2021 XBIZ winner for "Trans Movie of the Year." A surprised and delighted Moon accepted the honor.

"Thank you so, so much for this award," she said. "It's so fuckin' cool! Thank you to John Stagliano, the cast and crew — you guys were unbelievable. I'm really happy you liked this one and I really hope you like the next one."

Presley noted the category of "Cam Performer of the Year" is "a big deal right now, especially during the pandemic." Performer Demii D. Best announced Casey Kisses, the reigning XBIZ "Trans Performer of the Year," as the recipient for the second consecutive year.

"I wish we could be doing this live!" Kisses exclaimed. "Virtual is still a lot of fun... This is an incredible accomplishment. I couldn't have done any of this without my fans, without Chaturbate. Fuck, yeah! Thank you so much!"

2021 TEAs Rose

Emma Rose

The next presenter, director Jim Powers, received an assist from his crew as he announced the winner of "Gender X Model of the Year," noting a blue-ribbon panel from the studio examined countless hours of footage from the past year to determine their winner, which was revealed to be red-hot newcomer Emma Rose.

The ruby-tressed starlet expressed delight at the honor, which was the first of two awards she picked up during the ceremony. Just over an hour later, none other than Natassia Dreams herself would announce Rose as "Best New Face."

"I'm speechless," enthused Rose. "Holy shit! Thank you so much. I just want to thank everyone who voted for me and who encouraged me. 2020 was a hell of a year; here's to a better 2021."

Camming couple Will Havoc and Madeline Marlowe next presented "Best Internet Personality" to Presley; their charming, polished comic banter was among the evening's highlights.

One of the evening's marquee categories, "Best Self-Producer," was presented by a bikini-clad Nikki Vicious — as she lounged in a hot tub — to the 2020 XBIZ "Best Trans Performer" recipient Natalie Mars.

"Hey, everyone! I hope you're having a great night," said Mars. "It's an honor to win in this category. I've been shooting my own clips for a few years now, so it feels really good to be recognized for all that work. Thank you to Grooby and all the sexy performers I worked with this year — and over the years. And thank you, especially, to all my fans... without your support, this would all be meaningless."

"Thank you, everybody!" Mars added, as she blew a kiss to the camera.

An amiable, smiling Chris Epic next awarded "BBW Performer of the Year" to an exuberant Naomi Moan, who accepted with a happy shriek of joy.

"I am so excited to be here!" she exulted. "Thank you so much for this award! I have worked my big, fat ass off... It is so nice to be acknowledged. Thank you, Grooby, for everything you've done for me... I want to thank the sponsors for all these awards shows. Thank you to Sophia Presley; thank you for helping me get a foot in the door. Thank you to Emma Rose for everything you've done for me; your guidance, your tits, just being there for me — thank you. But mostly, I want to thank the fans. Without you, I wouldn't be here. Thank you for your views, your comments, your subscriptions, your retweets — just getting me out there. I owe it to you."

2021 TEAs

(L-R): Korra Del Rio, Jenna Creed, Stevie Trixx, Peachez

"Best Girl/Girl Scene" was presented by Jamie Jameson, creator and promoter of the long-running TGirl Nights Los Angeles nightclub event. The winner was "Take a Ride on the Trans Train!" from Devil's Film and starring the power-trio of Jenna Creed, Korra Del Rio and Ella Hollywood. 

Del Rio happily thanked their director Jim Powers and the Devil's Film crew, while Creed took a moment to "speak from the heart," she noted. She offered her gratitude for the support of their friends, family and fans as well as a "warm and special 'thank you'" to Powers. "Whatever you point your camera at turns to gold," she said.

Creed also acknowledged "all the industry leaders, directors and pioneers" for paving the way for her own success, and closed her speech by thanking Steven Grooby, without whom "trans porn wouldn't be what it is today."

Costar Ella Hollywood also expressed her gratitude in text over footage of her frisky pet cat chasing a laser pointer.

2021 TEAs

(L-R): Daisy Taylor, Dante Colle

Wicked Pictures contract star Jessica Drake appeared onscreen to present "Best Boy/Girl Scene" to Daisy Taylor — the first of her leading three awards — and reigning XBIZ "Performer of the Year" Dante Colle for their passionate tryst for GroobyGirls.com.

"I am so happy to be with you [and] so lucky to be nominated with my 'porn husband' Dante... one of the best dicks I've ever had," the charming, deadpan Taylor said, before stopping to pant breathlessly. "I love Dante and I'm so happy to win this award with him... and to win this award for Grooby. Every time I get to work with Grooby it's so much fun and so wacky and wild. Thank you so much, everyone, for watching."

Colle echoed her enthusiasm. "This is so awesome; this scene, specifically, was so much fun to film. I always have an amazing time filming with Daisy. Girl, you are amazing... I really wish I was up onstage with you now, accepting this with you. Congratulations, Daisy, this was all you."

The following category, presented by Taylor, was for "Best Producer" and was awarded to Buddy Wood. The maverick filmmaker was shown, via CGI, literally popping out of an actress' rectum to offer his acceptance speech.

He offered brief thanks to Grooby and to his colleagues, closed with "What a year, huh?" and "leapt" back into the rectum (the producer would later reappear in the same manner at the very end of the ceremony as a post-credits button to the broadcast).

Nicko Wolfe and Shiri Allwood next presented "Best Trans Man Performer" to Stevie Trixx, resplendent with a full ginger beard, who stood up to show that his tux shirt and jacket were accompanied not by tuxedo pants, but a jock strap ("I'm really happy I didn't have to put on pants for this," he quipped).

"When I came out as trans over a decade ago, I found porn very helpful in exploring my own sexuality," Trixx said. "But there wasn't a lot of trans-masculine porn out there. Fast-forward to 2021, despite everything we went through in 2020, there is a new wave of trans-masculine people making content. That gives me a lot of hope and keeps me pushing to make better content, as well."

"We are out here proving not just that trans men exist," he continued, "but that we are hot, we're talented, we are diverse and we're the future of porn."

2021 TEAs

(L-R): Buddy Wood, Foxxy, Aspen Brooks

As the ceremony reached its halfway point, Kristel Penn presented "Best VR Scene" to Crystal Thayer and Chris Epic for GroobyVR.com's "Porn and Chill" (while Thayer happily expressed gratitude fully glammed-up, the ever-genial Epic accepted his award completely nude, save for a VR headset); Dr. Alexander Sinclair presented his yearly pick for the "Transcendence Award" to Foxxy (the glamorous flame-haired star humbly thanked Sinclair and her colleagues and fans for recognizing her as a role model and inspiration to the community); and Nadia Love bestowed the marquee award of "Ms. Unique" to the famously orange-tressed Aspen Brooks.

"To me, 'Ms. Unique' isn't just about standing out from the crowd," said Brooks. "It's about being unapologetic in everything I do — and not being afraid to be [my] true self. I want to thank y'all, especially Grooby and my 'Orange Army' for the love and support. Everyone, I hope you stay happy and healthy in 2021."

Performers Smash Thompson and Ivory Mayhem announced Peachez as the winner of "Black-TGirls.com Model of the Year," who promised to keep delivering top content as she accepted her first-ever industry award, and "Kink.com's Kinkiest TGirl Domme" was bestowed by filmmaker Fivestar upon the versatile Casey Kisses.

"Kink was one of the first sites that I really looked up to and really wanted to be a part of," she said. "You were the cool kids. Kink has welcomed me with open arms... I'm sure I can speak for a majority of other trans porn stars. Kink has been accommodating in so many different aspects. They always make sure that my level of comfort is where it needs to be. That's so important, especially in this industry. Kink has provided one of the sexiest sets, and the safest sets, at the same time, which is incredible. You guys rock. I'm really hoping to see you guys soon and give you a huge hug when it's safe."

2021 TEAs

(L-R): AydenPOV, Daisy Taylor

Kira Noir announced that the "Pornhub Model of the Year" winners were Daisy Taylor and AydenPOV.

The latter thanked fans who "clicked on anything and everything that said 'AydenPOV'... It makes my day to get up and help people find out a little something about themselves. It means a lot to be the trans man that I am — and now to be the 2021 'Pornhub Model of the Year.' I never thought that could be possible... Miss Daisy Taylor also shares that title with me, and I share that with her. To be able to put two beautiful trans bodies out for everybody to see [and] for us to be in a community together? It's awesome."

Foxxy returned to present the first of two Lifetime Achievement honors and offered warm, laudatory praise to the pioneering performer, producer and entrepreneur Venus Lux.

"I'm astonished that... it's officially been a decade since I first set foot in this industry," said Lux. "I was a young, naive Asian girl with a curious appetite and a mind ready to absorb. And here I am, ten years later, still showcasing Asian excellence, trans excellence, porn excellence. I'm excited to be able to continue the journey. This is not the end! It's another chapter and I'm ready for the ride. It's crazy to imagine how porn has evolved. When I started, there was only so much available; I had to take control of my own brand and my career, my own company, otherwise I wouldn't be here today. For all my peers, my fellow sex workers, my fellow fabulous sexual animals, may this be an inspiration. I've enjoyed this road. So stay tuned! Thank you for spending time with me. I hope you have awesome year."

Yasmine Lee then appeared onscreen to bestow the evening's second Lifetime Achievement laurel to Jessica Fox, noting her work has defied the odds to "withstand the test of time."

2021 TEAs

(L-R): Venus Lux, Jessica Fox

The notable star thanked Grooby for discovering her over 11 years ago and offered her sincere gratitude to her colleagues and costars for their support as she worked to build a lasting legacy.

Casey Kisses received her third award of the night, "Chaturbate's TS Performer of the Year," presented by Sly Fawkes ("There are so many trans models who work so hard... and there's just not enough recognition for them," she said. "Huge 'thank you' to Chaturbate for going out of your way and making sure that we're all included"); Izzy Wilde bestowed "Best Non-TS Male Performer" to Dante Colle ("Wow! This is seriously an honor to win this award [and] just to be accepted by this community and getting the chance to work with everyone within it... all the gorgeous women and all the studly men that I've worked with, I send all my appreciation to you"); and Aubrey Kate announced the winner of "Best Non-TS Female Performer" was Dana DeArmond.

"I can't do this without crying," said an emotional, teary DeArmond. "I'm so honored to be nominated next to all these incredible women in my category. It is my esteemed honor to oppose the antiquated ideas of the adult industry. I've been so much happier since I stopped listening to people [and] what they thought I should do and just did what I wanted to do."

"Aiden Starr, you're not only my best friend, you're my family," she continued. "I would not have survived the last 15 years without you. I'm so grateful for every opportunity you've given me. It means a lot to be accepted in this community, so thank you... to everyone who voted for this. I want to thank all [my] incredible costars... I can't stop crying! I'm such a crybaby. I wish I could do this in person. Representation matters. Trans rights are human rights. Black lives matter. Good night and congratulations to all the nominees and winners. I love you!"

2021 TEAs

(L-R): Dana DeArmond, Evie Envy, Khloe Kay, Jasmine Lotus

Before the final awards of the evening were revealed, an "In Memoriam" presentation honored the performers who passed over the past year, among them Ashley Stacks, Athena Addams, Boricua Princess, China Doll, Kapri Stacks, Kewi, Kimmy and Miss Good Bar.

Morgan Bailey announced Khloe Kay as the winner of the "JustFor.fans Fan Choice Award" ("This is one award I did not even expect to get," Kay enthused as her handsome dog strolled into the room behind her and flopped onto the floor. "It means the absolute world to me that I have such a loving fan base... I'm literally at a loss for words that I have so many followers and supporters who love me for me"); Sarina Havok and Robin Coffins honored Evie Envy as "Best Non-U.S. Performer" ("It's a beautiful feeling to be recognized for something you genuinely love doing and you're passionate about," she said, and described her first year in adult as "a beautiful and positive" experience); and Natalie Presley presented "Best Solo Model" to Jasmine Lotus ("Thank you so much... I'm actually caught off-guard and really surprised," she enthused. "I'd like to thank my fans and supporters who constantly watch my content [and] everyone from the Grooby team... Trans Angels and Trans500 and a special shout-out to my boyfriend and my mom. Thank you! I'm really grateful. This has changed my life; it's really put things in a positive light for me").

Daisy Taylor crowned the evening with her third laurel as "Best Hardcore Performer," presented by Kylie Maria.

"I am so excited! I can't say it's surprising," she joked, "because I really love to get fucked. I'm very grateful. What a crazy, wild year it's been and some crazy, wild dicks that have been up in this butt. Thank you so much, everyone!"

Presley reappeared one final time to express gratitude to the TEAs organizers and sponsors, including Pornhub, and to offer a bit of advice.

"Be safe. Wear a goddamn mask," she said. "Social-distance — stay the fuck away from me — wash your hands and all that jazz so that, next year, we can do this goddamned thing in person. Good night!"

Click here for a complete list of 2021 TEAs winners and follow the awards on Twitter.

Images: Screencaps by XBIZ

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