CalExotics' Releases Retailer Survey on Adult Sex-Ed

CalExotics' Releases Retailer Survey on Adult Sex-Ed

ONTARIO, Calif. — CalExotics has released key findings from a recent survey of retailers on adult sex education. According to the survey, the majority of retailers (62%) believe that their customers seem negatively impacted by their sex-ed upbringing. 

"I'm not shocked that 62% or retailers believe their customers seem negatively impacted by their past sexual education experiences,” said Dr. Jill McDevitt, resident sexologist for CalExotics, who helped administer the survey to a live audience via Zoom. “Most adults grew up with sex-ed that was riddled with misinformation, untruths, stigma and judgement.”

“But with all of this lingering discomfort and shame,” McDevitt added, “it’s inspiring and hopeful to know where they can turn for a better education — retailers.” 

According to the company, retailers, particularly in recent years, have taken on a bigger role in the lives of their customers, serving as educational resources for their shoppers on topics far beyond product offerings.

The Numbers

Cal-Exotics also revealed the percentage of surveyed retailers who are commonly asked the following questions by customers:

  • How can I please my partner? 77%
  • How can I spice up my relationship? 77%
  • Is _____ normal? 73%
  • How can I introduce ______ to my partner/ask my partner for _____? 69%
  • How can I have an orgasm during intercourse? 69%
  • How can I increase my partner’s libido? 65%
  • What is _____ (terminology they read online)? 58%
  • How long should sex last? 31%

While some of these “frequently asked questions” are product-related, “there are also many that go far beyond that on a physical and emotional level,” explained McDevitt. “And at the root of all of these responses is one important common denominator — compassion.” 

According to McDevitt, compassion is “perhaps the No. 1 reason why customers feel so comfortable posing these highly intimate questions to retailers.”

“When interacting in what feels and appears to be a judgement-free, compassionate zone, people are willing to open up, express their concerns and desires and learn new things,” she added.

The different tactics retailers are employing to make customers feel comfortable seeking out new information include: sex-positive marketing (72%), sexual health merchandise (68%), ongoing training (60%), sex-positive corporate culture (56%) and sex-positive displays (52%).

Sanctuaries for Sex-Ed

Susan Colvin, Founder and CEO of CalExotics, added that “when pleasure product businesses go the extra mile to make their spaces — virtual or brick-and-mortar — a ‘safe space’ for growth, learning, open communication and acceptance, they quickly become sanctuaries for sex-ed.”

“In the past few years, we’ve really seen retailers take on an educational role for their customers, which is leading to bigger communities, more trust, and in many instances, more sales,” Colvin said. 

The survey also indicated some areas in which retailers would like to implement more educational tactics. Many retailers want to implement books and resources (52%), do more community work (43%), take part in ongoing training (39%) and offer classes (39%). 

“Retailers have become the new wave of sex ed teachers and as such, it’s our duty to continue serving our communities in this way,” Colvin concluded. 

To learn more about CalExotics, visit their B2B portal and follow them on Twitter.


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