Talent Testing Announces Changes to Controversial Medical Questionnaire

Talent Testing Announces Changes to Controversial Medical Questionnaire

MIAMI, Fla. — Sixto Pacheco, President and CEO of Talent Testing Service (TTS), has announced that the company will "revise" their controversial Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ).

"Starting on Monday April 1," Pacheco announced via a statement published on TTS's website, "Talents can re-do their MHQ and select 'Decline to Answer' for those questions they feel uncomfortable answering or deem inappropriate."

Last Tuesday, XBIZ published a detailed report revealing that the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), the trade organization that developed and administers the PASS program, had "requested an explanation from Talent Testing Service (TTS), one of the drawing facility networks that works with PASS, about a new Medical History Questionnaire that TTS introduced last month."

Several performers, including Jessica Drake, who shared her story with XBIZ, had been puzzled by the phrasing of the questions, privacy issues and the responses they were getting from staff at TTS's Northridge facility.

Pacheco was one of the people interviewed by XBIZ for the report and he tried to address the performers' concerns about the questionnaire.

“We’ve always had a Medical History Questionnaire," Pacheco told us earlier this week. "There have been changes to it, but all talent have to go through it every two years. This new MHQ was implemented sometime in February [2019], when the new test for HIV Antigen Antibody was added."