Alex Grey Named Newest Vixen Angel

Alex Grey Named Newest Vixen Angel

LOS ANGELES — It’s official: blonde stunner Alex Grey has been crowned as the new Vixen Angel.

With the now-customary fanfare that accompanies any happening connected to Greg Lansky’s high-profile adult entertainment empire, the announcement was first broadcast via Vixen’s Instagram Live.

Grey has made several appearances on Lansky’s signature properties Vixen and Tushy, and is a popular performer with fans of the stylish studio.

Vixen Angels are chosen because they are “iconic artists that break down walls and defy stereotypes,” according to the company. They are “women with incomparable charisma that inspire women around the world with their passion and strong personalities.”

Lansky and his team are known throughout the industry, and even outside of it, for sparing no expense creating lavish productions showcasing the Vixen Angels. Performers value these exclusive photo and video shoots and it is now standard for “Greg’s Angels” to tailor their social media (profile pictures, header photos) to reflect the coveted achievement.

As it has become customary for the Vixen Angel unveiling, the announcement of Alex Grey as Vixen's latest Angel was a celebratory affair, with previous Angels welcoming Grey into one of the adult industry's most exclusive sororities.

Tushy is also releasing Grey's latest scene for the company today.

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