Recording Artist TheMaxxOut Launches Sexual Wellness Brand

ATLANTA — Independent recording artist TheMaxxOut has unveiled a sexual wellness brand and website at

“Trashley Vice” was the pen name TheMaxxOut employed for his series of erotica novels. The website now offers, in addition to his books and music, an advice blog and a selection of pleasure products, novelties and related items.

TheMaxxOut, who is openly bisexual, as well as a survivor of childhood abuse and acquaintance rape, notes that sexual health and wellness are topics that are “close to (my) heart.”

“People have always been so intrigued by my sexuality and story that it kind of always ends up at the forefront,” he said. Prior to developing the persona of TheMaxxOut, he was known as Maxx Hassell when he was signed to Bentley Records. When that professional relationship dissolved, “I knew I’d have to get right in the line of fire.”

He cites the recent Jussie Smollett scandal as a prompt to take action. “Too much has happened recently. With Jussie Smollett setting the movement back eons, I feel that now is the time to step up and share a real story,” he said. “My life experiences have given me a unique perspective on sex and sexuality that I often sneak into my music. But I needed more of an outlet.”

Visit TrashleyVice online and follow the brand’s Twitter handle.

Find TheMaxxOut on SoundCloud.