B.O.A. Toys Debuts 'The Femme Fountain' Water Jet Clitoral Stimulator

B.O.A. Toys Debuts 'The Femme Fountain' Water Jet Clitoral Stimulator

TORONTO — Boutique manufacturer B.O.A. toys has unveiled The Femme Fountain, a water-powered clitoral stimulator, which is now available for immediate sale to retailers and consumers.

Touted as “the cleanest way to get dirty!” by the company, The Femme Fountain is designed to be used during bath time for direct clitoral stimulation. A powerful pump rushes a concentrated stream of water through a bendable tube, which can be angled to hit the right spot. Shaped almost like a small potted flower, The Femme Fountain's submersible pump and motor are housed in the “pot” while the flexible “stem” directs the water, where it shoots out of the flower's “stamen.”

“Whether you like a little pressure or have a hard-to-please clitoris, The Femme Fountain's adjustable trajectory and different settings allows you to put it in place, turn it on, and then get turned on by hands-free stimulation,” said Justine Naiman, CEO of B.O.A. toys Incorporated. “It’s easy to use and its discreet design is unassuming and feminine. Once it's set in place and adjusted, you lie back and enjoy an eco-friendly orgasm!”

According to the company, it’s a new concept that doesn’t waste fresh water from the showerhead. The Femme Fountain recycles bathwater by pulling water in the bottom, then shooting it out the top. Simply suction it to the tub wall, try the high or low settings, and use the fully adjustable spout to create the perfect arc of water pressure.

“Anyone with a clitoris will be able to achieve a superior climax,” sNaiman, “which is especially appealing to women who are uncomfortable during intercourse, are self-conscious, or just want a better orgasm.”

Founded by Naiman, a single mother, B.O.A. toys — which stands for Better Off Alone — the compmany says it is committed to superior quality and engineering.

“I searched the planet for the best pump and did rigorous testing with a seasoned engineer to ensure our high standards of flow capacity, variance, battery life and ease of use were met or exceeded,” says Naiman.

The Femme Fountain is assembled using a high quality water pump, and it includes two USB rechargeable, Lithium-Ion batteries. According to Naiman, it's a high-quality product designed for the luxury toy market and those seeking a worthwhile investment in their pleasure.

The company assembles The Femme Fountain at its Toronto facility. 

“In keeping with our commitment to serve our community, we have plans to partner with local women's shelters. We hope to provide transitional employment for people who need a new start,” says Naiman.

Additionally, B.O.A. toys says it is committed to sex-positive education. The company wants to initiate extra-curricular lectures for high school girls and their mothers, led by certified sex educators to help normalize sex-talk in the home.

Since launching to the public in December, the company is now seeking retail partnerships to bring The Femme Fountain to “orgasmic, water lovers across the globe.”

“We are the premiere manufacturer of this kind of toy and have a patent pending on the concept, but at this time have no nationwide distribution,” she explains. “I'm optimistic about the mutual benefits of working with retailers this year to further BOA’s brand awareness. Our goal is to continue selling directly to the public, as well as to provide wholesale distribution to interested buyers.”

For more information on The Femme Fountain,visit BOAToys.com or email Naiman at justine@BOAtoys.com.