Updated: HIV Advisory Issued in Europe

Updated: HIV Advisory Issued in Europe

Update: The FSC has issued a statement regarding a confirmed positive test for HIV in Spain. Click here to read it.

CYBERSPACE — An adult performer has reportedly tested positive for HIV in Europe, according to producer “Porno” Dean Leal.

“All production in Europe must stop until further notice,” Leal said in a post on XBIZ.net.

At post time, the news of a positive HIV diagnosis has not been confirmed.

"We are aware of the positive test for a non-PASS performer in Europe," the Free Speech Coalition tweeted this morning. "We are consulting our PASS clinics and doctors, as well as working with our partners in Europe, to determine what risk may exist for the PASS performer pool, and whether a production hold for PASS is advised."

The following statement was provided to XBIZ from JT, Prague-based owner of Fake Taxi:

"We have stopped all productions in the U.K. and mainland Europe for the next eight weeks," JT said. "It’s essential that all performers go get tested ASAP. We have started a #westoppedxxx social media campaign and ask all performers and production companies to show their support of the eight-week (production hold) and include the hashtag in their media."

This story will be updated as additional information becomes available.