Feelmore Strokes Local Voters With '1 Vote Equals 1 Vibe' Handout

Feelmore Strokes Local Voters With '1 Vote Equals 1 Vibe' Handout

OAKLAND, Calif. — Nenna Joiner, who owns and operates the well-known Feelmore Adult Gallery sex toy and novelty store in Oakland, originally decided to give a discount to voters in her brick-and-mortar store. 

However, after hearing reports that a record number of voters were stuck in lines around Oakland, particularly the Alameda County Courthouse, Joiner took a box of vibrators usually handed out at bars and headed to where the lines queued up.               

“The streets were bare, so I started following Twitter and Facebook to see that everyone was out voting with precincts crowded like DMV offices without seats,” Joiner said.

“So, it was an opportunity for Feelmore to participate in the democratic process as a small business. When you have a captive audience, you go for it.

Joiner started handing out scores of vibrators to weary voters sitting on floors and standing in lines. “One vote equals one vibe,” Joiner told voters.

Joiner, who started up Feelmore in 2011, said: “It was a joy to participate in such a way that truly invigorated the base of voters. I think Feelmore got their votes."

The Feelmore store is located at 1703 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland. Check out the online Feelmore shop here.