Williams Trading Carrying Shots' Skulls and Bones Product Line

Williams Trading Carrying Shots' Skulls and Bones Product Line

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading Co. has announced it is now stocking the full line of the new Ouch Skulls and Bones product line by Shots Toys. 

Ouch Skulls and Bones are crafted of high quality black bonded faux leather and dark gray metal. They are embellished with skulls and spikes for amplified visual gratification. According to a rep, the line features a beautiful assortment of bondage wear for men and women. 

“The Skulls and Bones unique packaging system offers a box within a box design with a male or female model based on demographics of your store location,” said Scott D. sales and marketing director. “This product line also includes a biker patch in every box as a bonus for the consumer.”

The innovative designs of these beautifully crafted bondage items are not only great for the bedroom but also offer style with trendy designs. The Skulls and Bones line offers consumers the chance to buy quality pieces that can be worn in or out of the bedroom, a rep said. Designs vary between spikes and skulls and each piece is crafted with quality leather.

This product range consists of customized, ball gags, handcuffs, ankle cuffs, garter belts, bracelets, leashes, hogties, neck chains, eye masks, paddles and harness sets.

“We tested this unique line during the start of November and received a very positive response from our dealer base,” said Rich Pyne, Vice President of Sales. The Skulls and Bones hogtie set features two rows of little skulls on both ankle and handcuffs, equipped with double clasps and a quadruple, detachable, metal connection, and these toys show you mean business. 

The bondage line is available for immediate order today, and can be checked out at the following link.