YouPorn Launches 'Search by Emoji' Feature

YouPorn Launches 'Search by Emoji' Feature

NEW YORK — YouPorn announced today the launch of its “search by emoji” feature, an upgrade on the platform allowing users to find new content by using their favorite emoji to search for content.

From the eggplant (big dick) to the party popper (orgy), the new feature is launching with more than 75 emojis, each representing a specific search term.

“With the significant increase in our user base viewing our content on mobile devices, we’re excited to offer a fun and easy way to explore new content,” YouPorn Vice President Charlie Hughes. “The ability to search by emoji is our latest technological advancement and we are thrilled to bring this option to our loyal user base, offering specific content that suits what our users are looking for at the exact time they are looking for it.”

Searching by emoji is a simple process that makes exploration seamless, Hughes said.

When viewing YouPorn on a phone, tablet or other mobile device, users can type an emoji into the search bar, which will yield results corresponding to the emoji’s matching search term.  

A sample of popular emoji represented for search, include:

  • Sweat Droplets — squirting
  • High-Heeled Shoe — fetish
  • Eggplant — big Dick
  • Man Magician — beard
  • Female Judge — jack off instructions
  • Waving Hand — handjob
  • Star-Struck Face — verified amateurs

Check out the emoji search page here.