Pornhub Discloses Bosnia and Herzegovina Traffic Stats

Pornhub Discloses Bosnia and Herzegovina Traffic Stats

BURBANK, Calif. — Pornhub researchers recently provided new statistics of viewing habits of Southeastern European country of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Radio Sarajevo.

The numbers revealed to the radio station and online portal shows the following: Bosnia ranks 75th for traffic to Pornhub, well ahead of its worldwide rank or 135th for population.

Bosnians most often visit Pornhub on Thursday, and they are least likely to visit on Saturday, researchers found.

The most popular search in Bosnia is “srpski pornici,” followed by “bosnian,” “jebange” and “serbian.”

The most viewed category of video in Bosnia is MILF, followed by mature and lesbian — favorites shared with much of Pornhub’s worldwide audience.

Lisa Ann, followed by Mia Khalifa and Asa Akira, are the most searched adult stars.

“The average visitor from Bosnia spends 10 minutes and 8 seconds on Pornhub,” researchers said. “Visitors from Prnjavor come and go 51 seconds faster, while those from Cazin hold out 19 seconds longer than the average Bosnian.”

Thirty percent of Pornhub visitors from Bosnia are female, which is higher than the worldwide average of 26 percent. The average age of Bosnian visitors is 34 years old, with the 25 to 34 age group making up 42 percent of all visitors.

Bosnians are far more likely to visit Pornhub on their smartphones. 75 percent of Bosnians use mobile devices to view porn, while only 25 percent use desktop or laptop computers.

Visitors to Pornhub Gay pages from Bosnia are most likely to check out the “Gay – Daddy” category, followed by “Gay – Big Dick” and “Gay – Straight Guys.”

Bosnians are 65 percent more likely to view “Gay – Amateur,” 60 percent more into “Gay – Pornstar” and 56 percent more into “Gay – Feet” when compared to gay content viewers worldwide.