Dee Williams, Vienna Rose Are Perfect FantasyMassage 'Combo'

Dee Williams, Vienna Rose Are Perfect FantasyMassage 'Combo'

MONTREAL – Dee Williams and Vienna Rose are the perfect “Daughter-Mom Combo” for FantasyMassage and Gamma Films, now streaming.

The site is “warming up the oil in a seriously stimulating new role-play comedy,” a rep said. Williams and Rose star opposite Lucas Frost for director Curious Judas.

“After a long day of shopping, Vienna and her stepmom Dee wander into a massage parlor and ask for two relaxing rubdowns. The masseur (Frost) is booked and can only take one of them,” notes the promo text.

“ ‘I only have an hour,’ Lucas explains to the ladies. ‘Well, you have two hands!’ reasons Dee. Lucas massages Dee, but Vienna feels left out, pouting, ‘This isn’t going to work.’ But Dee has an idea: "If you just shut your mouth and agree to share — really share — I think we could make this massage work...”

Bree Mills, head of production for Gamma Films, praised the set-up and execution of the scenario. It is “a fun play on the fantasy of the handsome young masseur from the point-of-view of the women, and another great submission from one of our FantasyMassage members. Keep them coming!”

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