Blush Novelties Marks 2 Years of Blush U

Blush Novelties Marks 2 Years of Blush U

NEW YORK — Blush Novelties announces the sophomore anniversary of Blush U, its free monthly online class series by Blush resident sex educator Ducky DooLittle for retailers and their staff.

Blush U offers product-specific information as well as pleasure-based sex education and sales tips to help retail partners serve and interact with their customers on the sales floor.

“My years on the sales floor, backed by my training as an educator, makes it possible for me to catch even the toughest retailer questions,” Doolittle. “We cover topics like how to handle difficult medical questions, how to create healthy boundaries and help your staff feel safe, and all the basic nuts and bolts of pleasure products and sexual response. The live chat and interactive conversations mean we all get to share and learn together."

On Tuesday, Nov. 13 third year of Blush U kicks off with “Sex After Cancer.”

The class’ description says: “Having a serious illness like cancer makes life more complicated and will almost always have an impact on one’s sex life. Many survivors report experiencing issues with their sex life that linger long after treatment. In this class, Ducky will talk about how surviving cancer can affect the body, a person’s body image, and their intimate relationships. The good news is that there is sex after cancer, and we can help survivors find that pleasure. Let’s help them do that.”

On Tuesday, Dec. 4, Blush U will offer “Bondage Safety Basics: Setting Your Customers Up for Positive BDSM Exploration.”

“Some people like to push their sexual boundaries,” the class’ description says. “It’s our job to help them do this as safely as possible. In this class, Ducky will help you develop the ability to answer honest questions and help customers find the told to explore their desires.”

On Tuesday, Jan. 22, Blush U will offer “New Product Showcase.

According to the class’ description, “Pleasure is our priority, and nothing gets us more excited than sharing new products with you! Please join Ducky explore new Winter 2019 collections, and let us help make your buying and selling abilities easier. You’ll also learn the little design and sensation elements that differentiates this collection from other toys on the market.”

Classes run approximately 40 minutes; attendees only need a computer with working speakers/ headset/earbuds, and an internet connection. All classes start at 10 a.m., PST.

To celebrate the anniversary, Blush U will be offering a $250 retail value giveaway during the Nov. 3rd live class. An RSVP and attendance is needed to win. To view classes and RSVP, click here.