Tommy Pistol, Dee Severe Play Cult Leaders in Severe Sex's 'Mind Fucked'

Tommy Pistol, Dee Severe Play Cult Leaders in Severe Sex's 'Mind Fucked'

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Exile Distribution today released “Mind Fucked: A Cult Classic,” the latest feature from the XBIZ Award-winning Severe Sex Films. 

Director Dee Severe has previously focused on BDSM comedies such as the 2018 XBIZ winner for Fetish Release of the Year, “Corrupted by the Evils of Fetish Porn.” But for “Mind Fucked” she partnered with fabulous pro Domme Bella Bathory and things took a darker turn.

“I have always had a morbid fascination with cults, so when Bella had an idea about making kinky porn about them, I was instantly there,” said Severe, also Severe Sex Films co-owner. “It’s a super cliche to say the script wrote itself, but it really did.  I’ve watched a zillion documentaries about Heaven’s Gate, Manson, FLDS and others, so satirizing them was easy.”

“Mind Fucked” follows the misadventures of three women, portrayed by Alison Rey, Kira Noir and Andi Rye, whose search for spiritual enlightenment leads them to cults that turn out to be exploitative, greedy and seriously disturbed. But undaunted, they give finding a spiritual home one more shot. 

Tommy Pistol, Mistress Maia McQueen, Severe Sex co-owner Jimmy Broadway, Severe and Bathory appear as cult leaders, while Kate Kennedy, Charlotte Cross, Kiki D’Aire, Della Dane, Lily Lane, Sheena Ryder, Karla Lane, Mistress Synful Pleasure, Brock Doom and Mo Reese portray the cult members our intrepid trio encounters.

“I’ve always believed you need to make the change you want to see in the world, and I feel that applies to porn,” Bathory said.  “I've been working with Severe Sex Films for several years and when I had the idea for a cult satire I knew Severe would be the perfect company to bring this to life. It covers everything I've ever wanted to cum to- religious play, hard core BDSM, a femme top orgy and nods to American cults through the years. I was so incredibly proud and humbled to watch my wet dream come to reality working alongside Dee and Jimmy Broadway. I learned so much in the process and the end result really is a kinky dream come true, especially the lesbian satanic orgy at the end!” 

 “Working on Mind Fucked was a unique experience,” explained Alison Rey. “I’ve shot features, and I’ve shot orgies, but I’ve never shot anything that connected multiple sex scenes into one big orgy finale. And I felt that Severe really upped the ante on the creep factor with my polygamy cult scene. Dee and Jimmy are a delight to work for, amazing to their cast and crew, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.”

Cults and cult leaders have always been something I love learning about, Noir said.

 “I’m so happy that I got to be in a super-hot movie about the different ways people can become ensnared in dangerous groups ... and the cult of Bella Bathroy is now my ultimate favorite,” Noir said.

Rye said the movie created opportunities for her, including her first B/GGG scene.

“There was genuine, caring, creative, kinky, sexual energy overflowing from everyone on set,.. plus Tommy Pistol's acting performance truly gave me the heebie jeebies, which turned me on even more," Rye said.

"I'm also thrilled to say that it was my first ever orgy in a femdom scene," she said. "This is the first adult film that has captured my dominant and sadistic side with my first hardcore pegging, and my first all femme foursome complete with strap-ons and oral and orgasms galore. I had the time of my life and am honored to have been a part of this rockstar cast.”

Broadway said: “This project really demonstrates what’s possible in the realm of adult filmmaking. Dee and Bella have come up with something that is truly unique, and our amazing cast executed their vision to perfection.”

“Mind Fucked” streets today. The two-disc set includes photo galleries and interviews with Rey, Noir and Rye as well as directors Severe and Bathory. Check out the trailer here.

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