Levi Karter, Ben Masters Are 'Just Being Me' for CockyBoys

Levi Karter, Ben Masters Are 'Just Being Me' for CockyBoys

NEW YORK CITY – CockyBoys marquee stars Levi Karter and Ben Masters anchor “Just Being Me,” a new web series for the XBIZ Award-winning studio.

The series, produced and directed by Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian, is “centered around gay men accepting themselves and being free to truly accept themselves,” a rep said. “Accepting who they are as gay men was a learning experience for both Ben and Levi and it was one of the reasons they hit it off when they met. But it wasn’t until they went to Fire Island that Ben found this was where Levi really set himself free. And, thanks to Levi’s influence, Ben also learned to ‘just be.’”

In the first episode, the young men act out their sexual and personal chemistry.  “Fans will enjoy seeing Ben top Levi in various creative positions, including literally hanging from a tree in the stunning, picture-perfect Fire Island setting. The intensity of their connection is palpable and makes for one of the best duo scenes of the year.”

Jaxson said his “porn with a purpose” credo is exemplified by the new series. “That statement is often met with blank faces and eye-rolls,” he said. “Ironically, most of the eye-rolling comes from fellow folks working in or consuming porn. It is in those moments that I feel more connected to my purpose of porn, remembering back to my early teens, when I was overcome by the confusion of conscience and desire.”

"I found – and stole –my first gay porn magazine, Blonds Do It Best. And it was in that moment that I was finally able to see, in vivid color, what I had been imagining, wanting and believing was true. I was not crazy, I was not a mistake; I was normal. And in that moment, porn had purpose, if only for an instant, helping to quiet my self-defeating thoughts.”

Years later, Jaxson asked his CockyBoys stable of young men to “openly share their authentic selves” in “Just Being Me,” and, in the process, “fans will also see some beautifully shot scenes, with amazing pairings that are filled with natural chemistry.”

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CockyBoys is the current XBIZ Awards winner for Gay Brand of the Year and Karter is a prior Gay Performer of the Year nominee. Follow CockyBoys on Twitter here.