Pornhub: Sweat-Related Searches Always Peak in the Summer

Pornhub: Sweat-Related Searches Always Peak in the Summer

LOS ANGELES — Pornhub researchers have taken a look into another kinky appeal — sweat.

In the past, Pornhub has taken a look into fetishes involving sneakersfeederismwedgiesgolden showerscuckoldingclowns and spectrophelia; so, it should come as no surprise that its researchers are divulging the stats on sweat.

“Just like the world’s top climate scientists, Pornhub’s data scientists also report that things have been heating up the last few years — at least when it comes to sweaty searches,” Pornhub officials said. “Sweat-related searches always peak during June of each calendar year from 2014 to 2018.

June of 2016 was the most sweaty period ever recorded on Pornhub, they said.

The top sweat related search term is “sweaty,” followed by “sweaty sex” and “sweaty feet.” Eight of the top 25 searches are related to feet or socks.

More than 5,000 videos on Pornhub include the tag words “sweat” or “sweaty”, and they’re viewed over 300,000 times each month.

The most viewed sweaty video of all time is named “Dirty Yoga Teacher on Gorgeous Fitness Model,” which has more than 20 million views.

Pornhub’s top 25 sweat-related searches are:

  1. Sweaty
  2. Sweaty sex
  3. Sweaty feet
  4. Hot sweaty sex
  5. Sweat
  6. Sweaty stinky feet worship
  7. Sweaty armpits
  8. Sweaty girl
  9. Sweaty socks
  10. Licking sweaty feet
  11. Sweaty armpit licking
  12. Sweaty feet humiliation
  13. Sweaty ass
  14. Sweaty feet worship
  15. Sweaty MILFs
  16. Sweaty lesbian sex
  17. Sweat pants
  18. Dripping sweat
  19. Sweaty muscle
  20. Sweaty facesitting
  21. Lesbian sweaty feet
  22. Sweaty panties
  23. Sweaty footjob
  24. Sweaty sock worship
  25. Sweaty workout