Nexus Creates 4 Attachments for Doxy Number 3

Nexus Creates 4 Attachments for Doxy Number 3

LONDON — Nexus has teamed up with fellow U.K. brand Doxy to produce four silicone attachments for the Doxy Number 3 wand massager.

There collection features two designs for women and two for men, making Doxy 3 a versatile massager. Women can choose from a rabbit style attachment based on the Nexus Cadence which has a flexible clit stimulator and a curved shape for G-spot massage, as well as a fluttering clitoral massager made from dual-density silicone to combine a soft flutter to the clitoris or gentle pressure with the rounded tip. Men have the choice of a prostate massager based on the Revo shape and a masturbator made from dual-density silicone.

Unlike other massager attachments, the user unscrews the massager head and replaces with the desired attachment. According to the company, this prevents the issues of having the attachment come off during playtime or the user struggling to detach the attachment after play.

 “I was excited to collaborate with Doxy,” Nexus Director Monique Carty said. “Doxy is a quality U.K. brand just like us so the synergy was there and the opportunity made sense.”

The plug-in Doxy Number 3 wand massager is cast in solid aluminium at Doxy’s U.K. factory and is smaller and lighter than a standard wand but does not compromise on power.