The Violet to Showcase Sex-Positive Adult Cinema Gatherings at Sex Expo NY

The Violet to Showcase Sex-Positive Adult Cinema Gatherings at Sex Expo NY

NEW YORK — Brooklyn-based collective The Violet will be showcasing its independent adult cinema presentations at Sex Expo NY, to be held the weekend of Sept. 22-23 at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Presented by premier cam network Chaturbate, the two-day event will feature showcases from top pleasure product manufacturers and sex-ed workshops hosted by a wide array of educators and sexual wellness experts.

“The Violet is a company and space created from sex-positivity,” said Ayesha Hussain, founder of The Violent. “Our mission is to break the societal taboo around sex and release people from the shame associated with pleasure and pornography through ethical, sex-positive adult imagery that emphasizes consent, female pleasure and inclusivity.”

At sex-positive events in New York City and elsewhere, Hussain said, The Violet will showcase independent erotic films.

Hussain said, “We will have lively hosts, ready to talk about the meaning of ethical, sex-positive porn, where you can find it, what to think about your current porn habits…. We aim to dissipate patriarchal constraints and move our society from sex as commodity to sex as performance culture, thus helping to alleviate sexual assault.” 

The Brooklyn Expo Center, Hussain said, is an excellent venue for Sex Expo.

“We’re excited for our debut at the Expo,” Hussain said. “Brooklyn is a major hub of creative energy in New York; so, it’s fitting that it would be set there.”

Hussain added, “Participating in the Sex Expo allows us to connect with and create the community that The Violet will represent. There will be many people who are interested in the industry, who want to see our culture as a whole move forward. The Violet is excited to meet and invite so many new people into the sex-positive world.”

The Brooklyn Expo Center is located at 72 Noble St. in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint area and is within walking distance of the MTA’s Greenpoint Ave. subway station, which is served by the G Train. 

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