Svakom Launches Public Service Campaign #MyKey2Orgasm

Svakom Launches Public Service Campaign #MyKey2Orgasm

CYBERSPACE – Svakom is tub-thumping its #MyKey2Orgasm public-service campaign designed to raise awareness about breast and prostate cancer.

The campaign, launched in conjunction with Movember (whose causes include raising awareness regarding prostate and testicular cancer among men) and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), is “geared towards raising awareness about the important causes of cancer and how it can be nipped in the bud,” a rep said.

'We all might have felt the ripple effects of a relative, friend or neighbor that has suffered from cancer. It is a diagnosis that doesn’t just happen to the patient alone; it is a complete upset to the lives of everyone involved. As a result, Svakom is seeking the help of every young, energetic and outgoing person out there to help raise awareness about this disease. Svakom is hoping this campaign goes viral so they can raise as much money as possible for the BCRF and Movember."

Participants are invited to take a photograph of their best “orgasm face” and upload it to Instagram, using the hashtag #MyKey2Orgasm, and tag @SVAKOMUSA. Then challenge other Instagram followers to participate.

"The #MyKey2Orgasm campaign is supported by Nymph,” the rep said, “a soft, moving finger vibrator developed by Svakom. The sweet, gentle fingertips of Nymph will cross your skin, vibrate, circulate and stimulate your most sensitive parts. Getting your ‘orgasm face’ shouldn’t be hard with Nymph.”

Svakom donated $2500 to the Movember campaign last year via sales of prostate massagers. Click here for more about the Nymph.

For more details about Svakom’s #MyKey2Orgasm campaign, click here and follow the company on Twitter and Instagram.