Desperate Pleasures, TruckstopHookups Street 'Boondock Sluts 3'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Desperate Pleasures and Pulse Distribution are rolling out the wholesale/retail release of "Boondock Sluts 3,” for their TruckstopHookups imprint.

It is the second DVD to be released under the public sex-themed label. “These young women prove they’re ready to fuck at any time, no matter where they are,” notes the promo text.

"TruckstopHookups is all about public sex between Jay, in his RV, and the ingénues who are eager to please him as he travels across the country,” said Pulse VP of sales Hyland C. “Amateur, random hookups and pickup scenes are always popular porn tropes; fans will love the POV interaction between him and these sexy ladies. Retailers, place your orders now.”

The sexplay incudes “campground romps” with Alyssa Hart and Keilani Kita, a hookup with Victoria Grace, a “booty call” with Ember and “a truckstop hookup” with Autumn Borrelli.

View box art here; interested retailers should send a note to

In related news, Desperate Pleasures recently released “Weekends at Grandpa’s” with Maria Jade, Zoe Parker and Taylor Pierce (click here). Follow the studio on Twitter.