Wolf Hudson Debuts 3 New Fetish Scenes for ManUpFilms

LAS VEGAS – Wolf Hudson anchors three new fetish-flavored scenes for performer-entrepreneur Lance Hart’s ManUpFilms, now streaming.

The “well-hung heartthrob” is paired opposite Alex Hawk, a rep notes. Hart directs all three vignettes. In “Alex Hawk Pays With Wedgies,” he is “a nerd and Wolf is the neighborhood thug. Wolf is calling in his loan and Alex can’t pay, so he becomes a wedgie slave.”

"Wolf and Alex Foot Fuck" is “all about feet and socked-feet worship, with an interesting twist at the end.” Meanwhile, “Squeezing All Alex’s Cum Out” puts Hudson back in charge. “Alex is tied to a chair,” the rep notes. “Wolf toys with him and almost gets him to cum and walks out of the room, leaving Alex with blue balls. Wolf returns to finish the job, but leaves him wanting more.”

Hart expressed admiration for Hudson’s range of interests and abilities. “I’ve been friends with Wolf for years and always admired him, as one of the most talented performers in the biz. It was a blast,” he said. “Alex was also a pleasure to direct. I look forward to seeing what he can do in porn.”

Click here for all three scenes at the ManUpFilms membership site. The footage is also available for promotion via Hart’s PervOutAffiliates.

Follow Hart on Twitter here and find Hudson’s Twitter handle here.