Stax Twins Are 'Double Trouble' for Icon Male

Stax Twins Are 'Double Trouble' for Icon Male

MONTREAL – The Stax Twins, Jacob and Michael, topline “Double Trouble” from Icon Male and Mile High Media, now in wholesale/retail distribution.

Austin Chapman, Nic Sahara and Billy Santoro join the siblings in this “erotic tale of sexy brothers and their decadent adventures,” a rep notes, for writer-director Nica Noelle.

Mile High VP Jon Blitt praised Noelle for putting the brothers center-stage. “The Stax Twins show their amazing talent. Nica shines as she brings out the best in her cast in her powerful tale of forbidden lust and intense passion featuring porn’s hottest and horniest twins.”

The Stax siblings each take a roll in the hay with Santoro, who compares their sex skills, while Michael Stax hooks up with stepbrother Nic Sahara. Elsewhere, Jacob Stax seduces younger hunk Chapman.

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