Warm Featured at Museum of Sex

Warm Featured at Museum of Sex

NEW YORK — Warm, Inc. has announced that its heat-based bedroom accessories are now available at the Museum of Sex.

The Museum of Sex not only inspires and educates on the cultural aspects of sexuality but also offers customers a unique shopping experience in its dedicated store.  

“The Museum of Sex has always been one of my favorite places to go in the city,” said Janine, co-founder of Warm, Inc. “When I lived in New York, I got to experience firsthand the amazing reputation both the museum and the store have for being on the cutting-edge of sexual exploration, spotlighting the history of intimacy, and the company's ability to raise awareness on products that stand to serve so many during their own sexual journeys. It really is amazing to me to see the sleek and sensual, innovative products LJ and I have created on their store shelves.”

Working in conjunction with Entrenue, a Warm, Inc. distributor, the Museum of Sex is also featuring WARM in an ad for Timeout NYC magazine, which reaches 550,000 online subscribers is placed in more than 2,000 retailers/restaurants within the five boroughs.

For additional product information, visit ExperienceWarm.com.