HentaiDreamGirl Reveals Benefits of Autism in iWantClips Interview

HentaiDreamGirl Reveals Benefits of Autism in iWantClips Interview

LOS ANGELES — iWantClips findom artist HentaiDreamGirl revealed she has autism and Asperger’s Syndrome in an interview on iWantBlog.com.

HentaiDreamGirl discussed how each condition has benefited and shaped her in this week’s Artist Spotlight. 

“HentaiDreamGirl has a unique background which has in many ways positioned her to stand and thrive on her own,” said James Power, vice president of operations of iWantEmpire, which operates iWantBlog, iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone and iWantFanClub. “She opens up about autism, Asperger’s, her work and more as she shares her passion for her art and natural propensity to turn obstacles into opportunities.”

The sensual femdom artist has seen her star rise since she began creating a range of unique clips which tap into her love for cosplay, findom, foot fetish, blackmail fantasies and more.   

“I only love absurd things. But for me this is normal, so it's hard to choose what others think is absurd,” HentaiDreamGirl said. “Because of autism, I am very different from neurotypical people. Perhaps what's strange to others is that I like loneliness. I do not like touching and loud noises. But I do not feel any pain due to the differences in my nervous system. I almost don’t feel pain.”

As for her advice to other artists, she said: “Never do something you do not want — even if you’re in a big need of money. Only trust in yourself. Models are competing here. It’s so hard to find a real friend! Never give out any personal information because you become vulnerable! Don’t use PayPal to accept money and be careful with the fake Amazon gift cards.”

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