Naughty America Seeks to Put Users Into 'Deepfakes'

Naughty America Seeks to Put Users Into 'Deepfakes'

SAN DIEGO — Naughty America has debuted new artificial-intelligence face-swapping technology to help its fans find their fantasy.

The adult entertainment company recently showed off its consensual “deepfakes” product to Fast Company, which reported on the new tool and can be seen on this website.

The tool can apparently do more than blend faces; the adult studio showed off virtual reality footage of two actresses getting their faces blended with a third. Individuals or couples can be inserted into a scene with their favorite actors.  

“While some porn companies have come out against nonconsensual deepfakes, Andreas Hronopoulos, the CEO of Naughty America, said the tech has a lot of potential for the industry and shouldn’t be discounted — provided the clips are used for personal satisfaction, not someone else’s humiliation,” Fast Company said.

According to Fast Company, those interested in becoming AI-powered porn stars can contact Naughty America with an idea for a video, either using previous footage or a concept for a new scene.  

“To ensure the clips are consensual, Naughty America’s legal department will also get involved to make sure everything is on the up and up, including clearing it with the actors involved,” Fast Company said. “Finally, a team at Naughty America working with outside AI researchers will make the video.”

Contact Naughty America with questions here.