O.school Launches 'Back to School' Campaign

O.school Launches 'Back to School' Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO — This week O.school is kicking off its #BetterSexEd campaign — a two-week series of free online sex-ed workshops aimed at getting students, parents, doctors and teachers prepared for the coming year.

The next live-streamed class “The Effects of Bad Sex Ed” is set for today at 8 p.m., EST.

All O.school classes are free, live online, interactive and moderated to maintain safe spaces for participants. 

Next week, O.school’s #BetterSexEd classes return on Tuesday, Aug. 21 with “Doctor/Comedian Reads Old Sex Ed Textbooks” at 7 p.m. EST, and “Sex Ed for Parenting” at 8 p.m., EST.

Wednesday, Aug. 22’s classes include “Buttstravaganza! Butt Stuff Giveaway” at 7 p.m. EST and “F*ck Lube Shame! Lube Info and Giveaway” at 8 p.m. EST.

On Aug. 28, O.school will present “Ideas for Smoother Breakups” at 7 p.m., and “Be a Better Kisser” at 8 p.m., EST.

On Aug. 29, O.school’s #BetterSexEd classes include “Exploring Your Sexuality Without Feeling Anxious” at 7 p.m. and “Am I Doing This Kinky Stuff Right?” at 8 p.m. EST.

A full schedule of upcoming classes can be found here. Additional classes will address issues of consent, sexuality, gender, kink, shame, disability and dating.

O.school's innovative tech-based, progressive approach to sex ed has been featured in the Huffington Post, Fast Company, Forbes, Mashable, Bustle, Glamour, Playboy, VICE and others.