Pornhub: Women Search for 'Rough Sex' More Than Men

Pornhub: Women Search for 'Rough Sex' More Than Men

LOS ANGELES — Women watch their fair share of porn, and they are seeking out "extreme" categories like "rough sex" and "hardcore" just like men, according to new stats released by Pornhub.

Pornhub's "rough sex" section is the 35th most popular of the site's 90 categories. It's also 63 percent more popular with women than it is with men, the adult site’s researchers told Men’s Health.

"Hardcore" is Pornhub's 33rd most popular section, and once again, women make up the majority of viewers.  Compared to men, women are 75 percent more likely to seek out videos that fall in this category.

Pornhub's "fetish" category is 69th most popular. It is visited by more men than women, but only by 7 percent more.

Men’s Health noted that the numbers are similar to a recent online poll by a mainstream dating site. OkCupid researchers found that 62 percent of women enjoy rough sex.

“Among their favorite kinky sex acts were hair pulling, being bitten, derogatory dirty talk and being tied up,” Men’s Health said in its report.