Artist Collective Opens Its Community Artist Collective Opens Its Community

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — recently launched as a new social marketing service for aspiring erotic performers who want to offer short adult films using smartphones.

The service on AmateurEstrella (Estrella in Spanish means “star”) provides marketing and promotion for performers using an actor dashboard that serves as a private online artist collective.

“Actors can also hire freelance camera guys to shoot their movies which provides a pro-amateur feel to the content being produced,” a publicist said. “When you create content with fellow actors on the actor dashboard it gives you experience and helps create your portfolio of content which helps you earn money and get noticed by production companies.

“Actors of the collective can be open or discrete when filming and have full creative direction for the content they create which includes a skit. Actors can choose talent from the community of amateurs on the dashboard they want to costar and collaborate with on the theme, scripts, outfits and locations of their film.”

Once a performer completes their scene, the content is edited, marketed and promoted on social media outlets using their standards to help increase their following, the publicist said.

“AmateurEstrella will even set members up with partner sites to sell their content and get paid same day, weekly and monthly.