Kristen Bjorn Touts 2 New Hardcore Instructional Matchups

CYBERSPACE — Kristen Bjorn Productions is touting a pair of new hardcore instructional matchups — Viktor Rom opposite Sebastian Reiss, a flip-fuck starring Victor Rusmen and Jorge Leal — now streaming.

The first clip featuring musclebods Rom and Reiss begins as they men pair off after they train at the gym. “As the guys enter the room, it is not only their muscles that are bulging out. The underwear on these guys are unable to contain the beasts within,” notes an affiliate rep.

“Viktor slowly works his way down Sebastian’s cock until his beard brushes against that smooth ball sack. Sebastian is spun (around) and Viktor moves in to savor that incredible ass,” the rep said. “Viktor continues spinning Sebastian. If it weren’t for all the frontwards-and-backwards pleasure, one might get dizzy.”

After a sweaty fuck, Rom is satisfied following this particular workout. “There is no better way to push Viktor over the edge than a hot ass milking his cock and Viktor’s cock has been milked for every drop.”

Elsewhere, episode no. 389 of the label’s long-running “Casting Couch” web series pairs off Victor Rusman and Jorge Leal.

Victor has asked Jorge to help him learn "the finer details" of filming onscreen sexplay

“Jorge demonstrates that you have to suck cock in a manner that pleases your partner and pleases the camera.” Victor proves himself a quick study. Further, “Jorge exemplifies how ass-eating and tongue-fucking is an art worthy of any close-up.”

The men flip-fuck until they’re both induced to orgasm. “We think Victor is ready for his close-up,” notes the Bjorn rep. “Thank you, Jorge.”

Find hardcore previews and VOD details for both clips here.

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