Bree Mills Says Book 'Em in Gamma Films' 'Girls Under Arrest' Series

Bree Mills Says Book 'Em in Gamma Films' 'Girls Under Arrest' Series

MONTREAL — Bree Mills and Gamma Films, the studio behind award-winning sites Girlsway and Pure Taboo, has rolled out a new original series about women behaving badly.

The new six-part series, “Girls Under Arrest” will debut next Thursday at

The reality-inspired series, available free to and Pure members, turns up the heat with six all-star scenes.

Dutiful officers — adult performers Derrick Pierce, Dick Chibbles, Jack Vegas, Tommy Pistol, Tyler Knight, Chad White and Donnie Rock — cruise around Los Angeles on patrol for citizens going about their delinquent behaviors.

Beat incidents range from routine traffic stops, domestic disputes, high-speed chases and stakeouts and raids.

The series was shot on tough Los Angeles locations using gritty handheld cinematography. A publicist said the series feels so real that “you will hardly believe it’s fiction.”

Mills, who directed the series, called it her take on reality crime shows.

“It’s about young women who get caught committing or aiding and abetting crimes, and the shady police officers who arrest them,” Mills said. “It’s always fun to watch good girls go bad, so imagine what happens with bad girls.”

Here’s the lineup of “Girls Under Arrest” episodes:

  • “Little Lies,” starring Brooke Karter, Dick Chibbles and Jack Vegas;    
  • “One Way Exit,” starring Khloe Kapri and Tommy Pistol;        
  • “Two Vandals,” starring Gina Valentina, Derrick Pierce and Honey Gold;    
  • “Distracted Driver,” starring Kendra Spade and Tyler Knight;        
  • “Business of Favors,” starring Julie Kay and Chad White; and,        
  • “Deals Blow,” starring Jaye Summers, Alex Blake, Donnie Rock and Dick Chibbles.