XBIZ Retreat 2019 Set for Jan. 14-18 in L.A.

XBIZ Retreat 2019 Set for Jan. 14-18 in L.A.

LOS ANGELES — Following a recent successful XBIZ Retreat in Miami, organizers of the most exclusive event for adult retail industry leaders have announced Jan. 14-18 as show dates for its upcoming winter 2019 edition in Los Angeles.

The all-inclusive, invite-only XBIZ Retreat in January offers participants access to the highly anticipated XBIZ 2019 events, including the annual XBIZ Exec Awards, along with other special events, including the adult industry’s biggest night, the XBIZ Awards slated for Jan. 17, which will be hosted by adult super star Stormy Daniels.

XBIZ Associate Publisher Sara Ramirez said that January’s XBIZ Retreat is already amassing a growing list of participating vendors and buyers and is on track to gather another sizeable group of professionals from around the globe. Every year, the XBIZ Retreat draws record attendance with its unique mix of private meetings and unlimited opportunities for networking and creating memorable experiences with colleagues and potential partners.

“January is the best time to start the year off with a bang by introducing your newest product releases and services,” Ramirez said. “We’re pleased to align ourselves with ANME once again to schedule our events to maximize business opportunities for vendors and buyers. January’s XBIZ Retreat is a particular joyous and exciting event as it coincides with our award shows and other XBIZ 2019 special events.”

The most recent edition of the XBIZ Retreat, which was held in Miami in late May, was another monumental edition of the annual event with more than 100 participants and packed daily schedules.

“The turnout for XBIZ Retreat Miami was incredible, and we’re looking forward to replicating the experience with our upcoming XBIZ Retreat in Berlin,” Ramirez said.

The XBIZ Retreat has become renowned as the most stimulating, intimate and valuable adult retail B2B event, enlisting a “who’s who” of the industry’s most-revered movers and shakers. The popular event makes its European debut next month from Sept. 9-12 in Berlin.

Following the success of the most recent XBIZ Retreat, participants expressed their satisfaction with the event with the following glowing reviews:

“The highlights of the show for me were the networking opportunities during the meals and other free times, you really got a chance to bond with your industry peers in a beautiful setting,” said Chad Jenny, Adam & Eve national business consultant. “There were also a couple new products that I think are really going to be a hit and that I am really happy I found.

“If XBIZ hadn’t set up the connections I may have never met these people or been exposed to their great products. I was able to quickly and easily speak to many of my current partners about our new system and procedures for our franchise stores, while exposing new companies on how to work with A&E. It really helps to have such easy access when you know changes are coming and you need to get the word out.”

Alejandra Preciado from Fantasias Sexy Boutique in Baja California, added, “The show was very productive; we made new relations with new vendors, strengthened the alliances with the sellers that we are already working with and had a chance to take a look at new products and brands,” she said. “It was so diverse, people from different countries and cultures, sharing with us how the adult industry is in their country and looking forward to collaborating together.”

EP Products Canada’s Donald Wilson said, “This event was very successful and a great venue to interact with fellow buyers and vendors. The dinners and events are a great way for everyone to get to know each other and work better together and exchange ideas about the products. This can only help the industry.”

Kim Marks, owner of Eugene, Ore.-based As You Like It; The Pleasure Shop, added, “This was an amazing opportunity for me to connect with manufactures to both learn how to sell their products better, or get introduced to whole new companies and lines that I am now bringing in to my shop. Getting the time to connect with other stores’ managers and owners to talk about how they run their business, their struggles, and their victories was inspiring and priceless."

Susanna Molina, director of purchasing for Chatsworth, Calif.-based Holiday Products, said, “The XBIZ shows are one of my favorite shows to do. You have 20 minutes to get down to business with new and old vendors. I value the one-on-one time with my vendors that you normally do not get when you attend the larger shows.”

Alexandre Enumo from Hot Flowers added, “With the XBIZ Retreat, every time it's a new opportunity to make contact with the best distributors and retailers in the country, meet friends and make new networking connections. This event for us was very special, as we presented to the market the new Hot Flowers price structure and our planning for the coming years. We released important products that will meet the market trends. We are already waiting for the next January edition in L.A."

“It’s very nice to be able to get a large chain, medium chain and smaller chain’s opinions on what would help us grow our business,” said Hanna, president of sales for Maia Toys. “The show was very productive for us. You cannot put a price on the relationships that were formed. Overall, it was a great show and I look forward to attending again.”