Video: Lovehoney's New 'Turn Up the Turn On' TV Ad Airs

Video: Lovehoney's New 'Turn Up the Turn On' TV Ad Airs

BATH, England — A new commercial from Lovehoney, which aired last week, is described as a rallying cry for people to “Turn Up the Turn On” and take their sex lives to new levels.

The ad features real couples in Lovehoney lingerie pieces. The company’s “totally boring, discreet brown packaging” also makes a cameo.

"We think we have really hit the spot with the new campaign which is irreverent, unashamedly bold but never smutty,” Helen Balmer, Lovehoney's brand and marketing director, said. “The aim is to celebrate the nation's favorite pastime — and we don't mean drinking tea!"

The ad was created by Brave, the same agency behind Lovehoney’s previous commercial.

 The ad's director, Tiny Bullet, said, "I also wanted the edit to have a rhythmic energy similar to having sex where we have moments of calm just like foreplay that build until the spot ends with our montage of climaxes."

To substitute actual adult product shots, the team at Brave used other inventive ways to suggest the more intimate products — such as the “vibrator cam shot.”