Danny Wylde Featured Guest on Bret Easton Ellis Podcast

CYBERSPACE  — Christopher Zeischegg, formerly known as adult star Danny Wylde, was a recent guest on the Bret Easton Ellis Podcast. They discussed a variety of topics, including Zeischegg’s porn industry memoir, “Body to Job.”

“I can’t think of another male performer who has written such a calm and elusive book, poker-faced, about a world many people still feel a moralistic aversion to,” says Ellis.

“Once you start it, it’s very hard to put down, because it’s written in brief, fast-paced chapters, sometimes oblique, with a distant, detached, journalistic tone.”

“And sometimes, I was even reminded of the control that Joan Didion brought to her journalistic pieces.” 

Ellis is a novelist and filmmaker whose books include “American Psycho,” “Less Than Zero” and “The Rules of Attraction.” He and Zeischegg became acquainted when the latter filmed a role for “The Canyons,” the indie drama starring Lindsey Lohan and James Deen, for which Ellis wrote the screenplay.

Zeischegg notes, in high school, that Ellis was his favorite author. “I still think of him as a major influence on my literary work. As you might imagine, appearing on the podcast was a big deal to me.” 

He has been reluctant over the years to bring his writing to Ellis’ attention. 

However, “Bret looks at Twitter and I post about my bullshit all the time on social media. That’s probably how he ended up finding out about my latest book. Bret read ‘Body to Job.’ To my surprise and joy, he actually liked it.”

The complete interview is available now the podcast’s Patreon page behind a paywall. Click here to listen.

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